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Digital Forensics on Automotive

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Modern vehicles are comprised of electronic controllers interconnected via several types of physical networks.  These networks shuttle thousands of parameters across in near real-time. These data can be of importance for digital investigator or traffic incident investigator. After having followed this course you will  (1) understand what kind of data is being sent over the CAN-bus, (2) where data may be stored and (3) how we might use standardize diagnostic protocols to retrieve stored data.


  • Diagnostic Protocols
  • Security Access
  • Device Control
  • Advanced CAN Bus Techniques
  • Understanding Network Messaging: Normal Mode Messages
  • Understanding Network Messages: OSEK, VNMF, and other NM Messages
  • ECU Programming basics
  • Reverse Engineering


In this course you will learn:

  • What vehicle controllers are
  • What vehicle controllers do
  • How vehicle controllers speak to each other
  • How to interact with the controllers
  • Methods for simulating a controller or the vehicle around a controller
  • Methods for communicating with a controller
  • Methods for querying data from the controller
  • Methods of modifying data

Target group

Digital investigators and traffic accident investigators from police or other government law enforcement organisations.


  • A general understanding of vehicle diagnostics and vehicular data networks is requested
  • Participants should bring a laptop running Windows 7 or newer


Three successive days (9.00 - 17.00 hr)


Euro 24
95 for the three-days course (no VAT will be added) 

Note: Certificate of attendance, CanBusHack training manual, simulation hardware, and lunch & refreshments during the seminar are included. Hotel and travel costs are not included.



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